The Chiefs are known for rolling through the regular season only to fail spectacularly in the playoffs.

That didn’t change Saturday when Kansas City dropped a 22-21 heartbreaker to the Titans.

The Chiefs have won just one playoff game since the 1994 season, and they haven’t won a single playoff game at home in that span. Saturday was the team’s fifth home playoff loss in a row, dropping the Chiefs’ postseason record to 2-6 all-time in Arrowhead Stadium.

Alex Smith has gone 1-4 in postseason play in Kansas City. That one win was a 30-0 beatdown against a Brian Hoyer-led Texans team two years ago. Smith said the latest loss was the worst yet.

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Helfrich didn’t coach a team during the 2017 season and will venture into the NFL for the first time in 2018.

Connor Grossman: In this case I’ll take the bait on a small fish nabbing a relatively big one. Hosmer will sign a sizable deal with the Padres. Yes, the Padres. They hardly have any payroll commitments outside of first baseman Wil Meyers, who reportedly OK’d a move to the outfield if the team signs Hosmer. Despite losing 91 games, San Diego played better than most expected them to in 2017 and they just handed manager Andy Green a contract extension through the 2021 season.

Clearly the franchise is excited about the direction it’s headed. With the surprise emergence of teams like the 2015 Cubs and the 2017 Yankees, both of which blossomed sooner than expected, don’t be stunned if the Padres believe they’re next and take a chance on signing an expensive asset like Hosmer.?

There are six time-related viewing windows the NFL measures every week.

What you didn’t see is consistency in how the numbers sunk across the board, something the owners showed concern over inside those meetings rooms. Consider these:

Through six weeks, the NFL’s ratings were down in 22 of 36 windows.

Various players have stepped up to fill those voids. Brandin Cooks, traded by the Saints at the cost of a first-round draft pick, had his third straight 1,000-yard receiving season. Danny Amendola tied a career high with eight starts thanks to a healthier-than-normal season. And, of course, Gronkowski was there to roast AFC rivals and achieve a personal dream with 69 receptions for the year.

One major player from the 2017 playoffs won’t join the Patriot huddle this weekend. Edelman’s ACL injury has robbed the Pats of last year’s leading receiver throughout their entire 13-3 run this season.

Edelman finished that year with 1,106 receiving yards, but his biggest contributions came after the regular season. In three playoff games, the veteran wideout had 21 receptions for 342 yards — including what may go down as the greatest catch in the history of the Super Bowl.

His absence will be missed, but the Pats will be buttressed at wide receiver with Amendola — whose Super Bowl per-game yardage (63.0) is significantly higher than his regular season average (37.0) — playoff debutante Cooks, and a back-from-injury Hogan. More importantly, Brady will have a mismatch machine at his disposal at tight end.

The NFL’s average household rating is currently 25.1, down from 26.9 over the same period last year, and the 28.1-28.7 range where it sat from 2013-15.

Twenty-five of 31 teams (excluding the Chargers, because of the move) are drawing lower local numbers than they did in 2016. Nineteen have dropped 5 percent or more, including brand name teams like the Cowboys (7% drop), Patriots (8%) and Steelers (6%), and both New York clubs (the Giants are down 7%, the Jets are down 37%). Conversely, only three teams (Chiefs, Bucs, Lions) have improved by more than 5 percent.

Digital streaming numbers are improving, but not at the rate that TV numbers are falling. ESPN counts the stream crowd as 3 percent of its viewership of Monday Night Football, which is the best of all the game-carrying networks.

Before the end of the 2017 season, Browns fans planned to hold a “perfect season” parade if the team finished 0-16. And welp, Cleveland did just that last Sunday, joining the 2008 Lions as the only two teams to finish 0-16 in NFL history.

In an outcome that few expected, the Tennessee Titans bested the Kansas City Chiefs during the Wild Card Round of the playoffs.

Marcus Mariota and Tennessee will now head to Massachusetts for the AFC Divisional Round against the New England Patriots on Saturday night at 8:15 p.m. ET on CBS (live streams at CBS All Access, Yahoo! Sports, and FuboTV).

Opening as the biggest favorites among in the Divisional Round, the Patriots are heavily favored (13.5 points) over the Titans heading into the matchup. With the inconsistent play from the Titans this season, it’s not surprising that the Patriots — who have much more experience in postseason play — are expected to win by quite a bit.

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Aaron Donald came after Matt Ryan relentlessly, as he does. And the best way to slow down that pressure is to establish a ground game. The Falcons were able to get some traction on the ground, especially in the third and fourth quarters. They dominated time of possession, holding onto the ball for nearly two-thirds of the matchup.

Devonta Freeman finished with 66 yards and one touchdown, despite slipping and sliding on the horrible turf conditions in the Coliseum. Tevin Coleman had 40 yards, and Julio Jones even had a nifty 13-yard end around.

Atlanta couldn’t have done this without its offensive line. Freeman even had some help on his second-quarter touchdown. Center Alex Mack physically tackled Freeman into the end zone to take a 13-0 lead.

This Falcons team has been up-and-down all year. But now they’ll go to Philadelphia to take on an Eagles team that hasn’t looked quite the same with Nick Foles behind center instead of Carson Wentz.

The New Orleans Saints are 0-3 straight up and against the spread over their last three road games.

After advancing to the divisional round with a win at home, the Saints will now be tasked with breaking their road losing streak this Sunday when they visit the Minnesota Vikings.

New Orleans is a 5-point road underdog in Minneapolis at sportsbooks monitored by The betting underdog is just 3-16 SU in the last 19 NFL divisional games.

“I’m trying to make our country stand for what we say we stand for,” Still says. “We say we believe in justice for all, we say we believe in equality, and freedom of speech and then when people are currently protesting, people have an issue with that, or when a police officer kills a young man or a young woman, they don’t serve any time. So, it’s just my goal is to hold this country accountable to the standards that we say we believe in.”

It doesn’t matter that this contract is nearly unprecedented at this level, because the Raiders set their own market, and they decided Gruden’s worth $10 million a year. This could change the entire head coach salary landscape.

Jay Jaffe: While Boston seems to be the obvious answer given their desire for power and a right-handed bat—not to mention the presence of Dave Dombrowski, who as Tigers GM plucked him off the scrap heap in 2014—they’ve got a full outfield and a pricey designated hitter in Hanley Ramirez. Since neither Ramirez nor Martinez can play first base, the Sox would either have to eat much or most of the $22 million the former is owed in order to make the transaction work, or trade Jackie Bradley Jr. and move Mookie Betts to centerfield.

What we’re seeing now from Ryan is a QB who is comfortable doing everything. He’s fine taking a back seat to the running game if the situation calls for it. When needed, he can throw the ball up and down the field and carry the team with his arm. Ryan can also show off his mobility, executing play-action fakes and buying extra time on bootlegs and rollouts.

Much of the Eagles hopes lies with Foles, and he’ll have to find a way to jump start the offense if they hope to make a long run in the postseason.

Foles is going to need to push the ball down field more often in the playoffs in order for the Eagles to win. Teams are going to put eight men in the box and try to stop the run. Defenses are going to try to take away Zach Ertz and Nelson Agholor in the underneath passing game. The Falcons have the speed and talent do as much.

Matt Patricia: Patricia is less likely to land a spot than McDaniels after his defense floundered early in the season.

The Jaguars broke out of some droughts of their own this season, putting together their first winning record at 10-6 SU and 9-7 ATS and advancing to the postseason for the first time since 2007 and winning their first division title since 1999.

But his unit turned things around in the second half. Now the Patriots are only allowing 19.3 points per game, which warrants him consideration.

Pat Shurmur: His 9-23 record as the head coach of the Browns in 2011 and 2012 doesn’t necessarily inspire confidence … but it was also the Browns. As the Vikings’ offensive coordinator, Shurmur’s role in turning Case Keenum into a viable NFL starter this season is a shining addition to his resume.

Some fans are finding unconventional ways to watch, some are watching much less football, and some have stopped watching the NFL altogether. Here’s a sampling of the people who are contributing to the NFL’s ratings decline:

I stream everything off Reddit because there’s no way to guarantee you’ll get to watch what you want, when you want. With a cable or satellite provider, it’s always some package of channels and stuff I don’t want to watch. I simply want to buy live sports. I’ve moved around a bunch for work and it’s just not worth dealing with blackouts and having to rush to a sports bar. I’ve lived in L.A. then San Francisco and now D.C., and I haven’t gotten actual cable in any of the places.

I know it is not just me that feels this way. Every fall I go away to a hunting camp with a group of guys. In the past, we’d always find a bar in the nearest town and spend Sunday afternoon watching football. This year, nobody wanted to go into town to watch football. We just went hiking and nobody went in to watch football like we always had.

The only game I have watched since Week 2 was the Steelers-Bengals Week 13 Monday night football game. My son and I really didn’t have anything else to do, so we turned it on. That game may have not been a good game to come back and watch because it was a really dirty game. Lots of unsportsmanlike conduct. Then you see the replays of the dirty hits and I’m just like, O.K., I wasted my time.

I’m not saying that I’ll never watch the Steelers again, but they are a lower priority. I have no plans to watch any games the Steelers aren’t involved in. If the Steelers are playing and I have something better to do, I won’t be watching. I honestly found that life goes on without sitting in front of a TV on a Sunday afternoon in the fall.

NFL playoffs 2018: Bracket and schedule update after Titans vs. Patriots

And then there were six. With the conclusion of Saturday’s Divisional Round games, we know two teams — the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles — will be advancing to their respective conference championship games.

Teammates trickled into the meeting room and settled into the back row, away from Shazier, who lobbed playful insults their way as they played a heated game of War. The linebacker lamented tackles missed and big plays surrendered, but this, he said, was the closest team he had ever played on. These guys would overcome anything.

Everything changed in the first quarter on Dec. 4. Shazier was attempting a routine tackle on Cincy wideout Josh Malone when he slammed into Malone’s thigh, largely with his right shoulder, and fell to the ground, clutching at his back. He didn’t move his legs, and his teammates’ faces filled with the kind of dread rarely seen on an NFL field. Mitchell, in street clothes nursing an ankle injury, ran to his side. “Bro! Yo, what’s up?” he yelled. “You all right?”

Tears streamed down Shazier’s cheeks as he kept repeating, “I can’t feel my legs.” Mitchell had witnessed teammates break ankles, shred ACLs, wobble after concussive hits—but never anything like this. In the aftermath, inside linebacker Vince Williams (who also calls Shazier his best friend) took over the play calls. “I don’t think Vince stopped crying until after halftime,” Mitchell would later say—“and that’s one of the most gangster dudes on the team. People had to grab him by the face mask and be like, ‘Yo, you’re the middle linebacker now. You can’t be sniffling.’?”

What happened? During the third quarter against the Dolphins, McCoy twisted his ankle awkwardly and was in great pain. Buffalo’s trainers quickly came onto the field to check on the star running back. While the trainers were attending to McCoy, he punched the turf out of frustration and was carted off the field.

McCoy received an X-ray after the game, and the results were negative. However, he was diagnosed with a sprained ankle and received round-the-clock treatment this week.

On Thursday, McCoy said he was doing his best to return.

“I just want to be able to cut well enough where I don’t have a lot of pain when I’m cutting,” McCoy said, via the Bills’ official team site. “I just want to be close or the best as far as 100 percent I can get. But a game like this you’ve got to lay it on the line. If I can’t get to 100 percent as long as I’m out there and I can run effective enough, I’ll do it. We’ll just see.”