It has been a season overflowing with controversies for the PR-conscious league.

As always, these rankings combine my first-hand evaluation of players, copious input from MLB scouts and executives, and the player’s performance to date. Age and position also factor heavily into rankings, as players up the middle are more valuable (as they’re scarcer) than those on the corners, and players who succeed while young for the levels where they play tend to become better big leaguers.

Player rankings are team-agnostic: A prospect would get the same ranking or evaluation if he played for Miami that he would if he played for Colorado. Any numerical grades assigned to players are on the 20-80 scouting scale, where 50 is major-league average and 80 is Billy Hamilton’s speed or Joey Gallo’s power.

“Given that dynamic, I knew we had to get more aggressive about getting our message out and more agile in promoting and protecting the game and the league. I believe we’ve accomplished much of that by becoming a more transparent organization that every day tries to drive the narrative we all believe in so strongly. I emphasize ‘try,’ as we’ll always have days where our best offense requires playing tenacious defense.”

Trump said at a speech in September that owners should fire any players who protest during the anthem, igniting a passionate national debate about the protests and patriotism. The league and many owners expressed support for players, although Jones said he would bench any player who protested during the anthem.

When did you start getting so disillusioned?

Oh, it’s been a long time. Like a lot of people, during the Snyder ownership I’ve not always been real happy. It’s been a long time coming. You put your heart and soul into being a fan. People want to be a sports fan to bring a little joy into their lives. And when you realize it doesn’t, you’re just like, “Why am I still doing this?” I mean, I still hold out hope that this thing turns around and it’s not a disaster every year, but they just never seem to take any steps forward. Just up and back all the time. It’s just a culmination of years of there not being a whole lot of fun associated with being a Redskins fan.

I don’t know. I’m not really sure. Partway through the last couple of years, all my T-shirts and hats — and I only have one jersey now — I’d literally have them in a stack in my closet, ready to just get rid of everything.

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