Rob Gronkowski reportedly will join cast of Mel Gibson action movie

It’s doubtful he’ll be playing himself this time.

We still don’t know if Rob Gronkowski plans to retire and join the WWE, but it sounds like a potential acting career is real.

And to do that with a tremendous focus on diversity so we have the best people performing at the highest levels in the league. And that’s a core value of who we are and what we do. I think that’s going to come in multiple forms beyond just the Rooney Rule. Are we going to look at the Rooney Rule and see if we can improve that Absolutely. Are we going to look at some of the training methods to give those coaches and GMs and officials and every other aspect of our operation, better opportunities to expand their roles and to go to another level That’s what we do very well and I think we’ll look at all that.

And if he does it, he might as well trade Eli Manning too and start over with a rookie quarterback, because trading Beckham would make any talk of the Giants trying to win now look like a total lie.

What’s the justification for trading the star receiver Because Beckham was caught in bed with a model, a pepperoni pizza and maybe drugs Because they’re worried his contract negotiations are going to become a distraction Because they’ve grown tired of his far-too-many nuisance controversies That last one seems to be a particularly silly — and hypocritical — reason for dumping a superstar player.

After all, it’s not like he’s a kicker who was arrested for abusing his wife.

There are absolutely no reasons that make it sensible for the Giants to trade a player who, when healthy, is probably the best receiver in the game — especially when they have him under reasonable financial control. The Giants have never had a weapon this dynamic. Let’s face it: He’s been their entire offense the last four seasons. After he got hurt last year, the Giants could barely move the ball at all.

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